Wandering the Aisles w/ Andy Farnsworth is the 3rd season of What’s Your Yarn Worth? Two years in the making, the bi-weekly show documents impulse buys, thefts, and meandering grievances of everyday people in the American retail wasteland and beyond. These are conversations out in the world. I suppose in a way they are about digression and the stories that get triggered by seemingly inane things. It’s not a novel idea to go to the grocery store and record yourself wandering the aisles. There’s gotta be somebody out there doing this. There’s nothing new in podcast land. But what is new about this, for me, is that I’m taking something I do really habitually. Wander the Aisles. By myself. But this show is me trying to short-circuit that by going into conversational beta mode with Earth’s most interesting regular people.
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